Combines Soothing Heat and Relaxing Vibrations Inside A Sherpa Lined Cocoon
  • • (1) Calming Cozy
  • • (1) Calming Cozy
Targeted 360-Degree Relief
Targets specific pressure points with massaging vibrations while applying heat to your feet, ankles, and legs

Soothing Heat

Offers 3 therapeutic heat therapy settings for custom relief

Massaging Vibrations

Features 3 optional vibration settings for a massaging sensation

Luxurious Sherpa Lining

Sherpa-lining turns any couch, bed or chair into a luxury relaxation station

The NEW Comfortable & Soothing Cocoon
  1. Heated Cocoon – provides soothing heat to your legs, ankles & feet
  1. Massaging Footrest - targets pressure points with massage
  1. Luxurious Sherpa Lining – for added heat and comfort
  1. One-Touch Controller – controls both the heat and vibration settings
  1. 9-Foot USB Power Cord – for on-the-go use and added convenience

The NEW comfortable cocoon that soothes legs in heat with calming vibrations on your feet.

Calming Cozy targets specific pressure points with massage while applying heat to your feet, ankles, and legs!

The secret is the combination of soothing heat and relaxing vibrations inside Calming Cozy’s sherpa-lined cocoon that envelopes your feet, legs and torso in luxurious calming comfort.

Take Relaxation to the Next Level
9 Relaxing Combinations (3 Heat Setting & 3 Vibration Settings)
One-Touch Controller with Dual-Action Treatment
USB Powered with 9-Foot Cord
Calming Cozy Turns Anywhere Into A Luxury Relaxation Station

In Your Favorite Chair

At The Office

On The Couch

In Bed

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  • • (1) Calming Cozy
  • • (1) Calming Cozy
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Deluxe Unit Features:

  • (9) Massaging Vibration Settings:
  • (3) Therapeutic Heat Settings

Just $10 Per Calming Cozy
Luxurious Cocoon Envelops You In Heat & Massaging Vibrations
Features & Benefits:
  • Features massaging vibrations that can be turned on and off
  • 3 Therapeutic heat settings combined with 3 massaging vibrations for 9 relaxing combinations
  • Made of a soft, luxurious Sherpa fabric for added comfort
  • Helps to calm muscle aches, loosen stiff joints, quiet arthritis pain, and even help soothe menstrual cramps
  • One-touch controller (featuring 3 therapeutic heat settings & 3 massaging vibration settings)
  • Clay bead filling absorbs soothing heat for additional comfort 
  • Features a convenient 9-foot cord
  • Automatic shut-off feature ensures that it will never overheat
  • UL Listed